Biography of Christian Ruckerbauer

Christian Ruckerbauer was born in 1957 in Ulrichsberg in the Mühlviertel as the son of two teachers Eric and Anna Ruckerbauer.

He has four siblings, sister Ulrike Eidenberger also is an artist.

Christian early received artistic edvancement by his father and at the high school by the teacher and painter Herbert Hiesmayr.

After high school in Rohrbach he studied "visual design" at the master class conductor Laurids Ortner at the Art College in Linz.

Then he organized exhibitions for two years for the Gallery “Grüner” in Linz and Cologne.

Since 1987 he taught art at the HBLA Rohrbach.

His ancestor Johann Philipp Ruckerbauer painted many highaltarpictures in the region of Rohrbach and the sidealtar of the monastery Ranshofen.

After a near-death experience at the age of 13 he began an intensive search for the deepest truth of life. This experience was the key point for the beginning of the artistic work and the interest in arts.

Since 1977 he daily practices meditation.

In 2007 he became friends with HO Gerhard Strauss - a spiritual teacher in conjunction with Zen masters like Bodhidharma and the wise men from the holy mountain of Arunachala Ramana Maharshi. Since 2009 he documents the events of Chrisitan HO cinematically and supports its website

2008 Christian Ruckerbauer got married with Maria Fellmann and they have got three grown up children: son Marius riders and stepdaughters Linda and Franziska Fellmann.

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